The Team

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Evert Minnie

co founder

Earth Forest is my hearts work and I wish to share all it’s elements with our community. My experience comes through suffering and growth. I have always enjoyed serving people, having the opportunity to share and recieve through earth forest makes my heart happy and full.

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Caroline de Robillard

co founder

On a journey of self-healing came the strengthing of my love for mother Earth and all her beings. This love deepened when I myself became a mother. Earth Forest has a special place in my heart, as to me, it represents the co-creative union of Evert and I. Along joined many beings, and so, I perceive Earth Forest as “Sangha” – community. Khalil Gibran says “work is love made visible”. May our love nurture you with nourshing food, supportive presence and creative inspiration.

With love,



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Ole Bosch


Ole co-founded Khula Dhamma Eco-village, a farm that aspired to implement the principles of conscious and sustainable living.  Being one of the pioneers he was part of creating the vision and mission of the eco-village, he was also responsible for various building projects, organising retreats, finances and the day to day running of the farm.  

He has a passion for shapes, forms and visuals. He is an avid graphic designer and video editor whose artistry is inspired by artists such as M.C. Escher

In 2014 he co-directed Zanolele Inspiritual Creations, a filmmaking company which created documentaries that told positive and inspiring stories.

He has helped to brand Philani Natural Health, Earth Forest, Zanolele Inspiritual Creations and Khula Dhamma.



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Cwayita Ntsikeni

Founder Earth Forest Pretoria

I’m an accountant and community outreach coordinator by profession. My experience is in health outreach programs. I have worked with the Cape Conference and currently working with the Northern Conference of the Seventh Day Adventist Church as their community outreach coordinator where I do health seminars, cooking classes, organizing fun runs, health expos, health clinics etc. I also have practical experience in working with Lifestyle Centers like  BeFree Lifestyle Center, Divine Healing Center and Back to Basics which includes hydrotherapy treatments, full body massages and healthy cooking. I also have vegan restaurant experience as I worked with Back to Nature and Earth Forest. And have been on a plant based diet for 14yrs.



We serve our community with love
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Nesley Orca Berkhout

managing director/partner

I was raised with spices! My mom learnt and shared the wisdom of ayurveda with me, it was passed down to her by her grandmother who was an Indian medicine woman (all Indian woman knew ayurvedic medicine back then!) I am determined to continue teaching this wisdom to my children, to my friends, and to as many people as i can reach! The knowledge of spices and herbs has saved my life, and with it I have saved, eased and nurtured life all around me, wherever I’ve travelled. It is a precious gift to be able to heal one’s self and others. One that should be given to anyone who seeks it as part of my quest I aim to spread the seeds of all the medicine plants and harvest my own spices….and to encourage others to do the same. Imagine a world where food and medicine where the same thing? And EVERYONE grew what they could manage and shared….so there would always be abundance. It starts with a seed….I believe Earth Forest is that seed.

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