nesley’s plant medicine

We are so grateful to officially welcome Nesley from Healthynessfood to our team
at earth forest. We have grown a deep respect for her intuitive nature and
artistic flair that she open heartedly shares with everyone around her. Nesley’s
skills and passion will add great value to our team and we are beyond excited
to move forward with her new ideas and initiatives.

Nesley will be hosting online live-workshops from our store in Berea, East
London sharing with our community how she creates the delicious plant based
meals that have been passed down to her from her lineage. Her products from
Healthynessfood will also be available through our stores and she will be bringing
her plant medicine experience to the forefront of earth forest.

As we move forward into a new world we are excited to welcome a collaboration
of like minded beings and together create a world that resonates with our core
ethics. You can be sure to see more self sustainable tools and information
coming through these platforms as we break through the old paradigm.

Welcome home Nesley

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Nesley Orca Berkhout

managing director / partner

I was raised with spices! My mom learnt and shared the wisdom of ayurveda with me, it was passed down to her by her grandmother who was an Indian medicine woman (all Indian woman knew ayurvedic medicine back then!) I am determined to continue teaching this wisdom to my children, to my friends, and to as many people as i can reach! The knowledge of spices and herbs has saved my life, and with it I have saved, eased and nurtured life all around me, wherever I’ve travelled. It is a precious gift to be able to heal one’s self and others. One that should be given to anyone who seeks it as part of my quest I aim to spread the seeds of all the medicine plants and harvest my own spices….and to encourage others to do the same. Imagine a world where food and medicine where the same thing? And EVERYONE grew what they could manage and shared….so there would always be abundance. It starts with a seed….I believe Earth Forest is that seed.

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earth forest branches out

Our vision for Earth Forest is taking new roots as we officially announce the sprouting of our third branch in Pretoria, South Africa. The philosophy of small community owned and managed branches has been fully embraced by our dear sister Cwayita Ntsikeni. Having had the opportunity to personally work alongside her in 2019 at our pioneer store in Stirling, East London, South Africa I can honestly say she is the perfect person to spearhead this phase of expansion. Her moral values and the manner in which she implements them goes over and beyond our expectations. Her creations carry the subtle and loving energy that she shares with all those that come into contact with her.

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Cwayita Ntsikeni

earth forest pretoria founder/owner

I’m an accountant and community outreach coordinator by profession. My experience is in health outreach programs. I have worked with the Cape Conference and currently working with the Northern Conference of the Seventh Day Adventist Church as their community outreach coordinator where I do health seminars, cooking classes, organizing fun runs, health expos, health clinics etc. I also have practical experience in working with Lifestyle Centers like  BeFree Lifestyle Center, Divine Healing Center and Back to Basics which includes hydrotherapy treatments, full body massages and healthy cooking. I also have vegan restaurant experience as I worked with Back to Nature and Earth Forest. And have been on a plant based diet for 14yrs.

For now our little dream is maniffesting from her home in Pretoria where she is creating the most delicious and nutritious plant based meals. You will be able to order with her via whatsapp, as we create her very own online store. Going into the future we hope and dream to set her up with an artisan Earth Forest store.

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opening a fresh coconut

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online store open

#freedelivery to our first 22 customers

To celebrate our new online store opening, we are giving away free delivery to our first 22 orders. Use the coupon code #freedelivery to get your order delivered without a delivery charge.

To embrace a new world we have introduced 2 new currencies with our online store:

Gifting ~ the act of giving without expecting anything in return. This could be for yourself, your family or someone you know, who might be in need.

Trade & barter ~ the act of sharing ones skills, time, fresh produce, herbs from the garden, material possessions or anything one has to offer in exchange for our products.

To use these new currencies just add items to your cart and select your currency option at the checkout page.

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