Our Commitments

Earth Forest Moral Commitments

These commitments are our guiding principles and we allow them to guide us through making decisions in our
daily encounters.

To be kind to all beings:
At Earth Forest we refrain from slaughtering or eating any beings
When people pass our store that look like they need food, we go and give them food
If people come in asking for food or help, we help them
We practice to be kind to each other, our customers and all beings

To source our produce as local and organic as possible
We support small scale local farmers first
We buy what is organic and local and then design our menu around that
We encourage our customers to start gardening or farming
We offer support to local small scale gardeners and farmers

To use only wholesome ingredients that are good for us and for the Earth too.
We avoid all chemical preservatives, flavorings, colorants and any additives
We source the most raw and unprocessed food as possible
We do not use any genetically modified organisms

To actively work at reducing our carbon footprint
Instead of using single use plastic items we glass jars which are returned for a refund and reused inInstead of using single use plastic items we glass jars which are returned for a refund and reused in
sustainable way
All other packing is biodegradable
Our food waste goes to chickens on organic farms, who use it to create more fertile compost
All plastic that comes into our business from our suppliers we cram into eco bricks and use them for creative
building projects
All paper waste goes into our composting systems
All our glass that canʼt be reused goes to the glass recycling station

To share our understanding of the farm to fork knowledge
We share our passion and knowledge of growing food with all our friends
We share how to create your own grey water systems
We share how to use plants from your garden in meals and drinks

To be transparent in all that we do
Our kitchens are open planned and never have any walls in between the customers and chefs
Our ingredients are always available and visible to our guests
We share our recipes with anyone who asks for them
We practice honesty at all times

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