falafel Burger

The origin of falafel? The answer is highly debated! Some trace
back its creation to the Lebanese while others to the Israelis. But
what is really the case? One thing is for certain, this little ball is
loaded with history and plenty of surprises!

Foodies are devouring it and vegetarians swear by it… Just scroll
through your Instagram feed to see the falafel shine. And for good
reason, it has conquered the world!

It was most likely born in Egypt, 1000 years before Christ. But
quite honestly, it’s hard to say!

We just love these falafels and apparently so do you! They are by
far our best sellers. Our falafels are made the traditional way
with a superfood twist…. We sprout our organic chickpeas for up
to seven days and add maca for an extra nutritional boost!

key ingredients

Our falafel burgers are packed with fresh ingredients and herbs – chickpeas, onion, parsley, garlic, flax seed, maca, cumin, coriander, Himalayan salt, pepper, cardamom.

Maca Superfood

This versatile adaptogenic herb helps the body adapt and deal with different stressors so you can live a well-balanced life.* And it’s safe and easy to add to your everyday routine. We add Maca to our Falafel Burgers for the following reasons:


bioavailable protein for faster recovery & stamina; oxygenates the blood for natural performance enhancement and stamina


increases blood circulation for quicker thinking


adaptogenic, boosts your life force and fights disease


oxygen enhancing and hormone balancing for better sex


overall hormonal support for couples looking to conceive

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